One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had was snorkeling off of a tiny island named Mangaha in the Northern Marianas. The water was clearer than any body of water I had ever seen which allows you to see some absolutely incredible marine life. I’ve been told by those who scuba if you want to see the really cool stuff you need to dive deeper to the ocean floor. The concept sounds appealing, in fact, I’ve always loved water and the feeling of floating it allows. As a child I could lay in the bathtub for hours, sometimes the colder the better, it’s where I found my calm. However, the execution of actually scuba diving scares me to death. Especially after the first time I took a class to learn and realizing those masks and mild claustrophobia are not a good mix. My sister and her husband were planning a trip to Hawaii with some friends that wanted to scuba dive when they got there so she needed to get certified. After the first class, she told me how awesome it is and suggested I join her. She asked the instructor if he would be able to catch me up if I joined late, he said that wouldn’t be a problem. Thinking one day this may be something I’d want to do on a trip, I agreed. Turns out her ulterior motive was to try to set me up with the instructor. Can’t blame someone for good intentions.

During the second class, my first class, they were practicing how to handle the possibility of the highly unlikely situation of your mask getting ripped off while you’re under water. I missed the instruction that we were first to tip our masks forward from the top, allow the mask to slowly fill with water, then remove the mask. When the instructor motioned for us to take our masks off, I tore mine off my head causing the water to gush up my nose with all the force of the air that was suctioned to my face inside the mask. I couldn’t breathe and completely panicked. Seeing my panic the instructor rushed over, grabbed me and pulled me up to the surface where I could finally catch my breath. The entire event probably didn’t last more than one or two minutes but it was enough for me to decide to leave and never go back. I allowed my fear to keep from what could have been some amazing, life enriching experiences. In fact, if I had been certified when we were in the Northern Marianas I could have gone diving in the Grotto with my sister, which is known as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world, again due to the clarity of the water and the diverse marine life.

Sometimes in life our masks come off. A major life crisis comes from absolutely no where and paralyzes us from moving forward. However, if we allow Him to, our Savior will rush to our side and pull us to the top. His rescue may take longer than we would like or are comfortable with but I believe He is by our side helping us through the panic. Holding our hands and surrounding us with his love. Helping us to learn to become comfortable with uncomfortable because he’s actually helping us to learn to dive deep into ourselves. Helping us to find our purpose in life. Even in the moment we are absolutely positive we are going to drown, I promise you He will never allow it. He knows just the moment to pull us up for air. Even if we have intentionally, or not so intentionally, put ourselves in the situation by tearing off our masks knowing full well the outcome, He is still there for us once it’s time to be pulled to the surface for air.

Sometimes we make the same mistake or have the same type of experience over and over again and think that one of these times our Savior isn’t going to pull us to the surface. That perhaps He’s going to consider us a lost cause and this time allow us to drown. I know from personal experience this will never be the case. He is always by your side to pull you to the surface when the time is right. I’ve often heard that the Universe keeps sending us the same experiences, sometimes in different ways, until we learn lesson we are in need of in our lives to help us to progress. But sometimes I wonder if just maybe we continually experience the same type of trials or life lessons to not only learn something we are in need of but perhaps we also have these experiences to allow us the opportunity to dive deep, to learn about our true selves and our purpose in this life. To become the person God has sent us to this earth to be. To do this we are required to dive deep. It’s like a beacon back to shore when we get lost. And just maybe we need to get really lost or tossed around in the waves to the point we finally decide to drop our pride enough to look for the beacon. Or maybe for some it’s comparable to learning a new subject, first you learn the basics and once you have a basic understanding of the foundations of the subject then you’re able to dive deeper into the more complex parts of the subject.

I remember learning back in high school that the Universe runs on rhythms and the moon effects the rise of the tides (that’s about as much as I remember but all that’s needed at this point). We each have our own rhythm we are trying to get in sync with, call it what you like, your plan, purpose, calling, destiny, etc. but when we begin to in sync with it, even 1%, we feel it in our souls and it just feels right. You may say that you believe in God, not all of this woo-woo “universe” garbage! I thought the same for a long time, until I realized, that God created the Universe and its energy is under His power and influence. Which is why I feel the concept of a book I recently read by Gabrielle Bernstein titled “The Universe Has Your Back” is the coolest concept ever. There’s absolutely no one else I’d rather have my back than God who knows every single detail about me down to the number of hairs on my head. Who also knows every single little thing that I am in need of, whether I want or it or not, He knows what’s best for me. Which also gives me the belief that every trial or experience I’ve had in my life really is for my own good and divine purpose to become the woman he knows I can be. And no matter what, he’ll always be there to rescue me when needed.